Sinfonia Verdi

Luton-based international orchestra Sinfonia Verdi comprises internationally renowned musicians who are virtuosic experts in performing music from historic, modern, global and fusion disciplines. Making the most of this wide-ranging flexibility, the orchestra gives concerts to inspire and engage audiences of all ages and interests.

The orchestra specialises in innovative and inclusive programming and can be heard introducing a range of music and musical instruments to children in schools, energising and engaging families in community venues, entertaining audiences in concert halls, making music accessible to museum visitors and shoppers at The Mall, performing on carnival stages, and collaborating with global musical stars to compose new fusion music for performance in venues and amphitheatres across the world.

From its home in Luton, Sinfonia Verdi draws on the broad cultural heritage of the town to produce high quality illuminating concerts and activities, for new and existing audiences, reflecting Luton’s ethnic diversity.

The orchestra’s ground-breaking fusion of music from East and West began with the premiere performance of Wajahat Khan’s Concerto for Sarod and Symphony Orchestra in 2001. Recent collaborations on cross cultural fusion music have included Born in Parallel and Sacred Songs with Daphna Sadeh, Strauss Reflected with Meeta Pandit, and Roots of Fire with Amjd Ali Khan.

Working alongside partners in business, government, education, and children’s services, and by collaborating with a variety of artists, Sinfonia Verdi delivers projects that bring people together in unique situations. Projects in community settings give the orchestra a chance to enthuse and educate new audiences and participants.

Sinfonia Verdi has recently performed to packed houses on tour in India, in venues including the Royal Opera House, Mumbai, and in the UK has brought the music of East and West together in the super-diverse cities of Luton, Leicester and Slough.

The orchestra also performs in traditional concert venues such as London's Cadogan Hall and for over a decade has been exploring the glorious repertoire of works for choir and orchestra in the magnificent surroundings of St Albans Cathedral.

Sinfonia Verdi was initially established as an orchestra dedicated to raising awareness of social and environmental issues and is still made up of musicians with a conscience and concern for our fellow global citizens and the protection of the environment. The orchestra’s name was inspired by the verdant rainforests of the Amazon, the protection of which was the basis for the orchestra’s inception.