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A fantastic event in every sense of the word!

Sinfonia Verdi's Masquerade evenings enable guests to immerse themselves in the experience of an authentic masked ball. They are tremendous fun, and perhaps the ultimate escape. At a traditional Venetian masked ball, guests leave their identity at the door as they don their choice of mask: they are invited to take on a new character which is allowed to be taken over by vibrant music and dance.

Frivolous this may sound, but this evening of fun and games is also a fantastic way for your guests to get in touch with and enjoy their inner creativity. In addition to providing an orchestra of specialists in baroque music, transporting your guests to 18th Century Venice through their authentic sound, our dancing master gives guidance to all those who wish to move authentically to the music.

Supplemented by fine food and drink, we guarantee that by the end of the evening, when they take off their masks, your guests will have had an unforgettable experience!

A party yes (and what a party!) and also a fantastic mould-breaking way to begin or end a transformative conference or corporate event.

Conference Package: Venetian Masked Ball (opening event)/Orchestrating Success (Business Workshops)/Viennese Ball (concluding event)

With Sinfonia Verdi as orchestra in residence for your conference everyone can be enthused by the power of music to uplift, connect, educate and entertain.